Consultancy & Services

Consultancy & Services

With more than 10 years of computer engineer, data science, analytics, and data visualisation experience, the team at EdgeTier and I provide expert consultancy, development, and training services for clients internationally. Our team provides high quality, focussed, and thorough solutions to our client’s problems. The focus for every project is on the business objectives and aims of our client. Projects fall into the areas of operational expenditure reduction, process enhancement, or revenue uplift.

At EdgeTier, we try to focus on the business problem to be solved, rather than the technical task at hand.
The EdgeTier team focus on the business problem to be solved, and use data techniques to find a soluation.

Project Types

Projects that we have completed include:

  • Data Science and Analytics:
    • Data cleansing and processing, with the development of data pipelines
    • Automation of data processes
    • Data visualisation and interactive dashboard development
    • Bespoke customer segmentation
    • Geospatial mapping of customers and sales patterns
    • Propensity modelling for churn, cross-sell, and upsell activities
    • Customer simulation and scenario modelling
  • Training and Team Development
    • Data literacy up-skilling
    • Toolset based training – Intermediate Excel, Escape Excel with R, Python for Data Science
    • Machine learning training – Get started with modelling.
    • Data science team building consultancy
  • Product Design and Development:
    • Mobile application design, development, and release
    • Web Application / SaaS product development
    • Web scraping and data collection
    • Process automation
    • API design and development
  • Cloud-based development:
    • Data and product architecture design
    • Deployment of cloud-based infrastructures
    • Design and delivery of cloud-based data APIs and models


Our team is proficient in both open-source and proprietary data products and technologies. We maintain a consistent focus on up-to-date technical skills and the latest technology trends. Our repertoire of tools includes the following, if your specific flavour of technology is not present, be assured that we will be able to adjust.

  • Web and Software Development: Python, Java, C++, VBA, C#, Linux systems, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, with popular frontend frameworks
  • Data Science Languages and Technologies: Python, R, MATLAB, Spark, Hadoop
  • Database Technologies: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, Sqlite.
  • Cloud infrastructure: Google App Engine, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Proprietary tools: Qlikview, Tableau, Microsoft suite, Google Analytics.


If you have a data focussed problem where you have a clear objective, if any of the above areas covered your issues, or even if you have a data problem and need help articulating the desired outcome, please feel free to contact me through the form on this site. We work both on-site and remotely depending on location, and generally start with a call to discuss requirements and check for a fit and suitability of your project.