Shane Lynn ProfileThis is the home page of Shane Lynn, a data science professional, tech-enthusiast, and startup founder living in Dublin, Ireland.


I’m a data scientist with an interest in technology, machine-learning, and startup activities living in Dublin. My blog posts here will be focussed on analytics topics, my current work, data science, and my experiences as a startup founder. I primarily work with R and Python in my data activities and I’m an active Kaggle contributor using these languages.


I hold a Ph.D. in Engineering from the National University of Ireland, and have a background in Computer Engineering. My start in business orientated data science began while helping to build an Analytics practice at Deloitte Ireland, where I applied machine learning and data visualisation techniques to large-scale financial and customer data sets for top-tier clients across Ireland.


I’m currently co-founder and CEO of EdgeTier, a company that builds data products and provides analytics and data services to clients in Ireland and overseas. At EdgeTier, we’ve developed multiple simulation technologies for telecommunications operators to better understand their customers spending patterns and to gain competitive intelligence about the market they are operating in. We also focus on the application of data solutions to customer contact centres to achieve operational expenditure reductions through automation, process enhancements, and reduction of customer enquiries.

Prior to our current work at EdgeTier, we released KillBiller, a mobile a mobile phone plan comparison service in Ireland and the UK that allows people to use their own call, text, and data usage information to find the best value mobile tariff for their individual needs.

In EdgeTier and KillBiller, I’m finding my way as a tech-startup founder, creating a profitable business, and stretching my tech muscles on a complex and scaleable python backend on the Amazon cloud.

Please feel free to contact me using this site, or on LinkedIn.

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